Pilates Teacher

In 1992, Susan trained as a competitive bodybuilder and fell in love with the art of fitness. The rigorous training and focus on movement precision offered her a solid foundation that has helped her expertly hone her skills and become the Pilates teacher she is today.

After a successful bodybuilding and personal training career, she shifted her focus to Pilates, completing several comprehensive Contemporary and Classical certifications. Susan sought out Pilates to balance her training routine and to help lengthen the bulky muscles that were a product of her bodybuilding. She connected instantly with Pilates and knew that she had found her new passion!

Over the next years, she discovered how Pilates changed her life in measurable ways. It was the perfect match which harmoniously combined body and mind.

Susan is an experienced and respected teacher who has now taught Pilates for more than 25 years. She is a lifelong learner, believing that every training program she has participated in has added to her depth of knowledge and informed her teaching.

Over the past seven years, she has had the honor to teach Pilates teachers and to provide them with continuing education, passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. She is dedicated to her practice and continues to share her love of the Pilates method with her students and clients.

Susan continues to develop and train, with a view toward enhancing her skills and to provide new challenges and ideas to her students. She teaches with compassion and with intellect. She brings a smile and positive energy to every session and class, striving to offer each client a beneficial and enjoyable experience. She continues to teach with a playful spirit and to encourage a balance between working hard and finding a light and joyful approach to Pilates.



  • Pilates Teacher – Comprehensive Classical Training Pilates Technique 2005
  • Pilates Teacher – Club Pilates 2016
  • Pilates Teacher – National Pilates Certification Program NPCP – Certified 2017 (formerly the Pilates Method Alliance – PMA)
  • Personal Trainer – American Council on Exercise ACE
  • Personal Trainer – Aerobics & Fitness Association of America AFFA
  • Barre – Barre Intensity
  • Barre – Barre Above
  • Yoga – Yoga Works (200 hours)
  • Spin Instructor – Johnny G.

Advanced Accreditations

  • Pilates Educator Training – WundaBar
  • M-3 Mat Pilates with Roller & Ring – Polestar
  • A-1 Allegro Reformer Training – Polestar
  • A-2 Allegro Reformer Training – Polestar
  • Allegro Supplementation Training with Master Trainer Elizabeth Larkam – Polestar
  • Bar Training – ActivMotion
  • Dimensional Core – BOSU
  • Trigger Point – TPT Therapy Education. IDEA Fit
  • Suspension Training – TRX
  • Resist-a-Ball Training – B-Fit University
  • Stretch Certification – Bally Total Fitness
  • Power Pilates Workshop/Master Class – ACE