Melody loves the art and science of the human body and shares her passion with her clients and students. She is fascinated by all aspects of wellness, fitness and healing which translates to a well-rounded approach to learning. This love and fascination led her to become a massage therapist nearly a decade ago, a career that has expanded into other aspects of wellness and teaching Pilates. Melody finds that understanding the science of the body has transformed her practice to perform corrective work which further extends the benefits of massage. Adding innovative stretching and Pilates to her practice, her clients benefit in increasingly therapeutic ways. With the addition of becoming a Pilates teacher, she has expanded her modalities of therapy all while maintaining her love for the art of touch.

In her personal life, Melody maintains a fitness-oriented lifestyle. She maintains a daily workout regimen, receives regular massage treatments, meditates, hikes, bikes, swims, travels, dances and spends time with her family whenever possible. She’s married to her husband Jef. Together they lead an active life with their son Jackson and dog Wanahca.