Pilates • Personal Trainer

Julie is a Michigan Native who climbed the corporate ladder all the way to California in 1992. She never takes the mountains for granted, and gives thanks every day to be living in paradise!

Julie has always been mildly fanatical about health and fitness, and the higher the intensity, the happier she’d be! But all the years of jumping on boxes, swinging kettlebells and throwing barbells overhead eventually took their toll. In her quest to gain a deeper understanding of the human body and avoid injuring herself or one her group fitness students, Julie registered for the anatomy portion of a Pilates Certification program through Pilates Sports School. She was hooked on Pilates after the first meeting and completed the entire program. Julie feels so blessed by the knowledge she has gained, and she loves the fact that teaching Pilates enables her to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. She also loves how diverse—yet consistent—a Pilates practice can be, which gives her the ability to meet people where they are and offer challenging workouts at every level. In her personal practice, Julie finds ways to keep things intense, but she never misses a minute of sleep because she “trained too hard” that day and tweaked something.

In addition to her comprehensive Pilates certification through PSC, Julie has been trained/certified through Revelation Wellness, Weigh Less to Feed More, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, ACE Group Fitness, AASI Personal Training and special Populations, Sean Bergara Progressive & Athletic Workshop.

Julie loves her husband of 30 plus years and her wildly creative sons. She lives to “go outside and play” and any time her feet find one of our beautiful desert trails, she’s in her happy place. When she travels, she seeks out the local trails, and the local hangouts so she can fully embrace the culture of each new land she visits… and maybe make a few new friends! Julie believes that life is meant to be lived in abundance and she loves to help make this a reality for others.