From an early age, Jennifer learned discipline as a competitive ice skater and remains enthusiastic about fitness and exercise in all forms. Jennifer’s personal love of movement from a very early age influenced her to stay motivated. As an adult, she discovered the Pilates method and shares her new love for movement with her students. She takes Pilates classes every day of the week and on weekends, she loves to hike, enjoys the freedom of road cycling, and remains limber with yoga.

Jennifer has more than twenty years of fitness experience in the Coachella Valley. She works as the Spa and Fitness Director at Toscana Country Club where she is responsible for all operational programming and teaching Pilates. After years as a student at Ecore Fitness, she refined her personal practice and experienced transformational change to her life. This transformation empowered her to get Pilates-certified and teach others. Her personal experience with the Pilates method has made her passionate about helping others achieve the unlimited benefits of Pilates.

In the summer she leads adventure trips internationally focusing on hiking and biking to locations such as Tuscany, Croatia, Iceland, and many more remote locations. Jennifer enjoys remaining active in promoting health and wellness in the desert community by writing a regular health column for Desert Health newsletter and she is a regular wellness expert on the KESQ TV news at 6:30am. There is no separation between what Jennifer does for a living and what she does in her personal life. She practices what she preaches!