Below you’ll find links to local businesses that we recommend to our clients and friends as wells as books to help you deepen your understanding of how the body works.

Local Businesses

Bill Bastian
Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist
Masters Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Licensed Massage Therapist

Kaminsky Productions
video production, photography, and web design

Salon119 and Spa
hair salon

Trio Palm Springs

Animal Samaritans
veterinary clinic and animal shelter

Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery
cosmetic surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments




jpegDr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You—And Your Waistline—And Drop the Weight for Good

This book is absolutely fabulous! It makes so much sense; you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. You’ll have to revise most of your preconceived ideas about what is healthy and what is not to follow this eating plan, but you won’t regret it. Just replace your good old bag of chips by a big bag of spinach, lettuce or any other leafy vegetable and you’ll health will improve instantly. Thank you Dr. Gundry for finally bridging the gap between Ornish and Atkins!

jpeg-1Mind/Body Health: The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions and Relationships (3rd Edition)

This is an excellent book for introducing body/mind health issues. It is very informative and covers a wide range of topics from how emotions can harm you to how simple things like positive thinking can heal many ailments. Each chapter has numerous footnotes referenced with the information for the various studies on which the information is based. Our emotions, attitudes and behaviors affect our overall well-being, and this book cemented that belief for me and enlightened me in countless ways.

jpeg-2Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, 2nd Edition: An Updated Guide To Stress, Stress Related Diseases, and Coping (“Scientific American” Library)

Just pure fun. The author has the knack–no let’s call it what it really is, a rare gift–for taking the dry facts of biological functioning and making an amusing but clearly informative tale of it all. Dr. Sapolsky has a purpose beyond the mere dissemination of information on anatomy physiology of humans, zebras, lab rats, or baboons to the lay person (Check this sentence!). His intention is to show that the modern lifestyle, and how the individual reacts to it, can have a major impact on health and even on the economy of the country. I’d recommend the book to anyone with an interest in how the body works.

jpeg-3Healing Hip, Joint, and Knee Pain: A Mind-Body Guide to Recovery from Surgery and Injuries

Finally a book worth the time to read and use. Too often, with the ongoing flood of New-Age strategies for self-help and self-healing, one is inundated by worthless clap-trap. This book is so insightful and thoughtfully written that it easily rises above the din, providing the reader with real options and real-life techniques not only to cope but to heal and flourish. Buy it! Read it! Put it to work and thrive!