Progressive and Athletic Pilates Workshop

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Progressive and Athletic Pilates – Palm Springs, CA

This Continued Education workshop is offered at Ecore Fitness for certified Pilates teachers and health and fitness professionals. This workshop is presented by Sean Bergara, certified Pilates teacher (Polestar) 2012, Pilates Method Alliance – Certified 2015 and certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Experience “Progressive and Athletic Pilates Workshop and improve your practice. The concepts will come to life with interactive lectures, hands-on practice and with Sean’s unique motivating and engaging teaching style.


Bring Sean’s workshop to your studio.  For information on how to be a host studio, email us at info@ecorefitness.com


“What an amazing weekend full of learning about human movement and efficient ways to move the body!  I can say that, hands down Sean is the best money I have ever spent on any training! He is wise beyond measure and truly has a gift for teaching. I cannot wait to expand on the knowledge he shared with us this past weekend and continue to learn.”

Kennedy Rogers
Pilates Body Utah


  1. This workshop discusses the basic foundation of applied biomechanics and offers teachers knowledge on how to break down each Pilates exercise and understand the indented joint movements.
  2. Participants will learn progressive and athletic Pilates techniques which teach each student critical thinking skills and how to modify each exercise for all fitness levels.
  3. The skills and techniques will be combined with traditional and classical Pilates exercises designed for today’s student and their unique needs based on current lifestyle and fitness requirements.
  4. Combine athletic and progressive Pilates exercises using the Balanced Body Clinical Reformer with mobility and strength applications including a warm-up, workout, and functional flexibility addressing the programed exercises.


  1. Take the foundational exercises and techniques of Joseph Pilates and add unique and effective ways to use the reformer while staying authentic to the Pilates method.
  2. Combine Classical and traditional Pilates exercises with progressive and athletic exercises.   This workshop merges fitness-based programing and Pilates together demonstrating how movement, whether in a Pilates studio or gym, can have the same intended outcome.


This workshop is recognized with 16 Continuing Education Credits according to the guidelines set forth by the Pilates Method Alliance.


Henley-on-Thames, UK
June 5-7, 2020

Times: Friday: 12-4pm / Saturday: 10am-5pm / Sunday: 10am-5pm
Studio: Nubodi Pilates
Location: Henley On Thames
Address: 357 Reading Road, Henley On Thames, RG9 4HA


$694 USD
*Payment in full is required upon registration. 



  • Cancelations made 30 days prior to the scheduled workshop date fully refundable and penalty free.
  • Cancelations made less than 30 days from the scheduled workshop date are non-refundable.


  • Deferments made 30 days prior to the scheduled workshop date are penalty free.
  • Deferments made less than 30 days from the scheduled workshop date are considered a “late deferment” and subject to a $150.00 penalty which will be deducted from your deferred tuition.
  • Late deferments can apply the tuition, minus the cancelation fee to future workshops.
  • Late deferments are required to pay the $150.00 penalty prior to rescheduling.

Tuition Transfer

  • Tuition transfers made 30 days prior to the scheduled workshop date are penalty free.
  • Tuition transfers made less than 30 days from the scheduled workshop date are considered a “late tuition transfer” and subject to a $150.00 penalty which will be deducted from your credited tuition.
  • One tuition transfer made to another student is permitted without penalty. Second tuition transfer will incur a $150 penalty.



The Progressive and Athletic Pilates workshop is based on current scientific evidence about joint and spine biomechanics. The workshop is unique in that it challenges the traditional wisdom of how postural alignment and traditional exercises are taught. The course materials are compiled from various movement methods.

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