Avoiding Common Pilates Mistakes for Beginners

As you embark on your Pilates journey, you’ll fall in love with how it makes you feel and look. This is one of the primary reasons why decades of actors, models and athletes have made it their go to for exercise. 

Learning how to navigate your body takes practice, guidance, and determination.  That’s why it’s so important to learn from a pro.  Like any new skill, there is a learning curve. To help you get the most out of your practice, let’s team up and discuss two pro tips important to a successful Pilates practice.

Core Engagement

One of the Pilates principles is core engagement. Your core is the foundation for all movement and provides stability and strength. The reason why Pilates is so beneficial is that it emphasizes core engagement. So many of us neglect to engage the core muscles when exercising leading to inadequate workouts and unnecessary strain.


Simply lay facing up on the floor with neck support. Bend your knees to 90 degrees, then one at a time, raise the foot off the floor.  Be sure that prior to raising one foot off the floor, you first engage your core. You’ll notice that when the abs are engaged, you’ll feel spine support.  If the belly is relaxed, you’ll feel strain at the low back, neck, and shoulders. What is important is that you learn to understand how vital core engagement is during daily activities.


Pilates breathing techniques help to control movement, precision, and flow. A rhythmic breath ensures that oxygen flows to your muscles and increases the efficiency of your workout. 


Inhale through the nose, directing the breath into the sides and back of the ribcage. This maintains abdominal control, expanding the ribs laterally. Exhale through the mouth, narrowing and drawing the rib cage down and in. When first learning breathing techniques, it’s acceptable to hear an audible sound, this ensures that you are consciously aware of proper breathing.


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