As an Ecore client, you will receive five-star quality service. Every aspect of your experience has been thoroughly designed to support today’s busy lifestyle. We work with you to build a relationship and pride ourselves on finding ways to make healthy lifestyle choices and habits part of your daily life.


Our first priority is to exceed your expectations and to enhance your fitness experience. Our expert team treats everyone who steps through the door as unique and special, each and every day.


Ecore Fitness offers private, semi-private and small group classes with personalized and quality instruction. We provide towel service and use non-toxic, environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions in our immaculate and ultra-clean space. Come try out the Valley’s first-rate exercise experience!

New Students

We want you to be comfortable. That’s our number one priority! Wear fitted and flexible clothing (clothes that allow you to move freely). For your safety, socks with grips are for sale at the studio! Arrive 10 minutes prior to your first class in order to fill out your welcome form and get acquainted with our studio. We have cubbies to store your personal items. All items left will be kept in our lost and found for one week. If personal items are not collected in one week, they will be donated. Sweat towels and mats are provided.

If this is your first visit to our studio, please ask any question(s) to help improve your experience. For new students, we recommend that you take our METHOD REFORMER Pilates class. This class introduces you to the machines and the Pilates method.  Your teacher will advise you when you are ready to advance to our all levels class.

The Pilates Workout

Pilates is a full-body workout and may appear to be easy because you are not sweating or breathing hard. We assure you this is not the case. The Pilates method stimulates your deep core and stabilizing muscles which gives you core strength prior to developing your outer layers of muscles. Remember, learning Pilates is similar to learning how to ski. A good instructor would never put you on a black diamond run your first day on the slope. Our teachers demonstrate and teach basic movements and systematically progress you toward advanced exercises as you become more proficient. It takes time, practice and patience to learn and understand the exercises and movement principles. Because everyone learns differently, it will take a while to understand how to engage your deep core muscles and to truly “feel the burn.” Stick with it. The wait is worth it!

Studio Policies

  • Individual sessions can be scheduled by calling us directly at (760) 333-0827 or using the Contact Us form.
  • For group classes, register here or if you have registration questions, call us at (760) 333-0827. Drop-ins are welcome however, space is subject to availability.
  • Registration and payment are required for group classes and individual sessions.
  • If you cannot make your scheduled class, please cancel online.  12 hour cancellation is required. Late cancelations will be returned to your account if we can fill your spot.
  • Socks with grips are encouraged for all Pilates Reformer classes.
  • For the safety and consideration of others, please do not wear jewelry, scented lotion or perfume.